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PVC Door Products
    l---Tilt and Turn Doors
    l---Tilt and Slide Doors
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    l---French Doors
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    l---Residental Doors
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          l---Classic ISICAM
          l---ISICAM Konfor
          l---ISICAM Sinerji
          l---TRC Ecosol
          l---TRC Ecotherm
          l---Noise Control Glasses
    l---Performance Table
          l---Heat Control
          l---Solar Control
          l---Heat & Solar Control
          l---Noise Control
          l---Safety And Security
          l---Fire Protection
    l---Double Glazing
    l---Triple Glazing

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Casement window

Casement windows look just like doors. Just like the doors, either right or left side of the
window is hinged and the non hinged locks have security latches. Casement windows are
windows having a hinged sash which swings in and out just like a door. The window could
have a top-hung, side-hung, bottom-hung sash or it could have a mixture of all the three
sashes. There could be fixed panels on one side or more than one side. These windows are
generally opened with the use of a crank. However, some of the Casement windows are also
opened by using espagnolette locking and friction projection stays. Handing is applied to the
casement windows in order to determine track of swing. The windows work with adjustable
hinges that allows a clean appearance. Tilt and turn casement windows are easy to clean and
offer adequate ventilation. The tilt and turn casement windows are safe and also have locking
handles. High security locking mechanisms is an attractive feature. The tilt and turn windows
open inwards which are distinct from traditional casement windows. Casement only turn
windows also make great addition to one's house. There are many manufacturers dealing in
casement windows. PVC and vinyl casement windows are now very popular.

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