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Environment Friendly






Environment Friend Window


Winsa PVC window, door, shutter systems signed one more first as understanding of quality in sector, follower and user of newness.Winsa that sees people and environment as first started to produce unleaded
profile by using environment friend Calcium-zinc stabilizan with the positive results of experiments which have been going on for nearly one year in our administration of Adapazari as first.

Winsa aims to leave a clean environment and healthy life to the future generations with the unleaded profile which is ineurope standards, suitable for Europa Union , doesn’t give any harm to the environment and can return.

Free rivalry and providing free circulation which are accepted as one of the main things Europa Unity made common policy and attempt necessary in subject of environment.The environment policy of Europa Union has a great importance because of these reasons; environment is an area that has global effects and it interests both future of humankind and our world.In our country subjects that interest environment have had a great importance.Natural life is about to become extinct in World and sea ,gulfs, lakes and in the others because of environmental pollution and special heavy metals.In every part of world the problem of extincting drinkable water springs has come into being.

In Europa Union, the most important reason of forming common environment policy is the necessity of improving and continuing of nature life condition in a healthy way for being able to make the quality of life high and phenomenon of environment pollution’s not knowing its political frontier.In Europa and world new approaches are started to being improved by being thought the effect of every product which is used in human life from the view of environment, human health and security.

In this scope in Europa Union, VINYL 2010(The Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC Industry) has been formed since 2000.This committee includes not only PVC producers but also industry which produces PVC help materials.Also Australia explained that from 2008 on they won’t accept the plastic materials that contain heavy in it.In USA using lead and heavy metals like it in PVC production was forbidden.

ECUM (The European Council of VINYL Manufacturers), ESRA (The European Stabilizers Producers Associations), and EUPC( European Plastic Converters) which are in the formed VINYL 2010 committe obligate that by thinking the amount of consumption of year 2000, the most common using lead will be decreased with the following rate.

In 2005, 15% decrease
In 2010, 50% decrease
In 2015, 100% decrease

We as Wınsa Gul Atilim have aimed to leave a clear environment to our children by finishing the works which Europa counries are responsible for, before them thanks to our sensibility of environment.

For example VINYL 2010 has forbidden using Ba-Cd(Barium-Cadmium) which is heavy metal since march of 2001.All PVC users have started to use lead based stabilizan by following technological developments since 2001.With increasing of sectoral developments and sensiblity to the environment, as an alternative to the lead based stablizans, Calsium-zinc based stablizans has been improved.As a result of this development VINYL 2010(The Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC Industry) aimed to put an end to consumption of lead stabilizan in European and to start using Calsium-Zinc stabilizan instead of it until 2015.This has many tachnological difficulties.As PVc is not material which is used on its own, it is made rich with many help materials and prepared for industrial using.

In these help materials stabilizan has a great importance.That’s why it can be said it is the main Stone of pvc compound.PVC profile patterns and production engines are planned as suitable for compozition which is caused because of this chemical tissue and then produced.Changing the chemical building by caring engine investment and pattern makes a great info of engineering, cost and know-how necessary.

That’s why passing period has has a very long time in ever Europa.Winsa started to use Calsium-Zinc stabilizan in producing all doors and Windows by completing this period nearly in one year with its accumulations.And it will announce this changing from 1.10.2007 on to press.

Winsa is follower and user of newness orders you (our important customers) new generation profils by stepping one more step in its sector with adding of production of calcium-zinc stabilizan, leadness profile as an adding to 100% returning TPE joint which has started to be used since 2004.


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