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PVC Window Products

    l---Casement Windows

    l---Arched Windows

    l---French Windows

    l---Sliding Windows

    l---Hooper Windows

    l---Pivot Windows

    l---Round Windows

PVC Door Products
    l---Tilt and Turn Doors
    l---Tilt and Slide Doors
    l---Folding Doors
    l---French Doors
    l---Tilt and Turn French Doors
    l---Residental Doors
PVC Profiles
          l---Classic ISICAM
          l---ISICAM Konfor
          l---ISICAM Sinerji
          l---TRC Ecosol
          l---TRC Ecotherm
          l---Noise Control Glasses
    l---Performance Table
          l---Heat Control
          l---Solar Control
          l---Heat & Solar Control
          l---Noise Control
          l---Safety And Security
          l---Fire Protection
    l---Double Glazing
    l---Triple Glazing

Environment Friendly






Hooper Windows

Hopper windows are excellent mostly for basement applications. The hopper window tilts a
bit from the top and has a tender tug on the handle. The hopper windows have a full screen.
The windows could be custom made so that it can fit any openings. These windows have a
crank handle and the operating mechanism allows the sash securely open with causing any
trouble. The hopper windows can also have chain winders that hold the window in its place
and prevent them from slamming in windy weather. Hopper windows look attractive and add
charm to the room decor. One can choose from various innovative hopper windows. The vinyl
frames could be great. The vinyl hopper windows need low maintenance. They neither rot
easily nor do they peel off. One does not need to paint it again and again. They are easy to
clean and open up easily. One can get the mechanically welded frames as they have more
durability. The hopper windows come with superior security locks which provide with
maximum protection. The hinge in the hopper window allows easy ventilation. The hopper
windows made up of UPVC of high quality could be chosen as they last for a long time.

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