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Environment Friendly







Insulating glass unit incorporating heat and solar control coating

  • Isıcam Konfor ® is the trademark of insulating glass unit of Trakya Cam offering both heat and solar control properties.

    " Isıcam Konfor vertical section"
  • Isıcam Konfor ® insulating glass units can be identified in below mentioned ways:
    • Name of the licensed Isıcam Konfor ® producer, and Isıcam Konfor ® trademark on to the spacer bar.
    • Isıcam Konfor ® label on the insulating glass unit.
  • Isıcam Konfor ® has a neutral appearance close to clear float glass.
  • It provides high light transmittance.

Isıcam Konfor ® ;

  • decreases heat loss by 72% when compared with single glazing and
    by 45% when compared with Classic Isıcam ® . Therefore effective thermal insulation in winter is provided and heating expenses are reduced.
  • decreases solar heat gains by 43% when compared with Classic Isıcam ® . Therefore it keeps cooler in summer and cooling expenses are reduced.
  • Initial investment cost is paid back in 3 to 5 years by providing both heating and cooling energy savings.
  • In winter cold spots and in summer hot spots by windows are eliminated.
  • Isıcam Konfor ® is produced in Trakya Cam plants and in the plants of licensed Isıcam Konfor ® producers which are audited regularly by Trakya Cam.
  • The heat and solar control coating should be placed on the second surface of the Isıcam Konfor ® unit.

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