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PVC Window Products

    l---Casement Windows

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    l---Sliding Windows

    l---Hooper Windows

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PVC Door Products
    l---Tilt and Turn Doors
    l---Tilt and Slide Doors
    l---Folding Doors
    l---French Doors
    l---Tilt and Turn French Doors
    l---Residental Doors
PVC Profiles
          l---Classic ISICAM
          l---ISICAM Konfor
          l---ISICAM Sinerji
          l---TRC Ecosol
          l---TRC Ecotherm
          l---Noise Control Glasses
    l---Performance Table
          l---Heat Control
          l---Solar Control
          l---Heat & Solar Control
          l---Noise Control
          l---Safety And Security
          l---Fire Protection
    l---Double Glazing
    l---Triple Glazing

Environment Friendly






Our rolling shutter systems provide extra protection against weather elements, and contain CALCIUM – ZINC stabilizer which meets the European standards and which is environment-friendly and recyclable. The raw materials of this stabilizer increase the products' endurance to UV rays. Winstor PVC rolling shutter systems raise the comfort level of your house, protect it against the wind and the sun, suits the architectural style of your house thanks to its aesthetic properties, and make maintenance and cleaning easier. It can be installed together with our Dorado , Carina and Vela series and with PVC or aluminum strips. It can also be installed with any of four different boxes to provide higher insulation: 165*165 mm or 200*200 mm non-insulated box, or 165*200 mm or 200*235 mm insulated box. It can be installed in the form of partitions working individually or as a group, with manual control or motor drive. It can be installed with fly roller blind.

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